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Sabella specializes in providing high quality bling and glitter products that reflect exclusivity, class and elegance. As one of the leading brands in the industry, we are dedicated to providing the best products that don’t just add a unique aesthetic appeal, but are also completely safe to use.

From our one-of-a-kind glitter products for horses and people, to exclusive jeans apparel, each article reflects our commitment to delivering excellence at the best value.

Here at Sabella, we pride ourselves with the positive feedback our clients give us and are always on the look to improve our offerings. No matter how many times you shop with us, we guarantee that the experience will only get better. Just the quality of the products we offer will have you coming back for more.

So come explore our online glitter shop and become a part of the glitter revolution that has taken the fashion industry by storm.



Latest news

Applying a Personal Touch to Your Horse and Accompanying Gear

The connection you have with your equestrian companion is just about the most personal link you can have with any living thing. The passion that horses inspire creates a link with people not many other people create with an animal.  Sabella can help you really make you and your horse stand out while having fun as well!


The Glitter Movement

With this new explosion of glitter onto the Equestrian scene its interesting to see the outcomes on different diciplines in the Equestrian industry.