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Our Story

How we have become a leader in the glitter movement!

"The Glitter Movement"

The trend has been over the last few years towards more and more glitter and bling products in almost anything and everything. Especially in the equestrian world. We have seen bling on hats, riding boots, brow bands and now even saddles. I have to say this movement is fantastic to see and watch grow. It has put pressure on a number of disciplines on how to handle this explosion of bling and what should be allowed. I know many opinions are divided and some say it should not be allowed at all but most say they want to be able to do more. Especially in the Dressage and Show Jumping disciplines. The availability of more and more bling products shows the demand is growing in the market and people over all are loving it.

This glitter trend has even gone into the fashion world with bling jeans now a hugely popular product in the equestrian industry. We are very happy to be a part of this overall movement and to help people get more creative with glitter then be limited to just one piece of gear and offer products that can really allow you to expand and own your own style and sparkle. By offering products that will stick on your browband or noseband for example and stick well but will be easily removed you can add sparkle to just about anything you want to. All of our products are safe for use on skin and hair as well as gear so you can really own your style.

Its been an amazing journey watching people use our products in ways we could never have dreamed of! - One person came up with the great idea of putting some of our Sabella Glitter Gel in a bucket of water and using a sponge, apply it to the horse to go in the show area for inhand classes and it worked so well!

We believe strongly in this glitter movement and are very excited to see it progress further in the equestrian industry and to facilitate people who like to dream big and shine either in the ring or just to reflect who they are. Eitherway we are here to support it!



"Who We Are At Sabella"

We at Sabella believe that anyone can sparkle!

Adding more sparkle to your life is a choice we all choose to make and one that can really make you stand out in all you do. We have a philosophy of "Why fit in when you were born to sparkle" here at Sabella so we strive to help everyone achieve that by working hard to make products that you want and enjoy. Our products are of the highest quality and we encourage you to do product reviews on our website and get in touch with us about our products at any time.

We are based in Auckland New Zealand and was founded in 2010. From there we have grown our New Zealand made brand into an international product line with our products now available in many countries including: Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others. We are undergoing some exciting growth over the next 6 months which I am sure you will start to see and notice.

 Sabella was founded by Erin Miller who has formulated and designed the range of products Sabella offers today. We are always looking to grow our range and have big plans for more products to come.

Erin with her purebred Clydesdale mare Morgan 

"What We Want To Be" - With Your Help!

We have big dreams here at Sabella for all of our users/fans as well as ourselves.

 We want our 100% New Zealand made company to be a leader in the field of bling/glitter products for people and horses worldwide. New Zealand is a wonderful place to live and we are very proud to use as much New Zealand made materials as we can to produce our range.

"Our Vision"

We want our products to be the best you can find on the market worldwide. We strive to ensure the quality of our products as well as bring you as much information as we can about using our products or even other similar products. We want everyone to join the glitter movement and really show the world they can shine not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Sometimes it helps to add some sparkle to your life to help you shine through and we are here to help anyone and everyone do that.

"About Our Products" - New Zealand Made!

Our products are 100% New Zealand made and are made from the highest quality ingrediants and very high grade quality glitter. Our products are made and designed in mind for people who are wanting to buy quality and are looking for a good safe product range. NONE of our products stain, leach or harm any surface. They are safe on skin and can (much to the dismay of parents) be plastered all over the walls and will wipe right off. Our products make any area look good but can be easily removed.

 Sabella products are formulated to a high expectation and quality to match our requirements. They are safe and easy to remove but will stick to surfaces well to really give you a long lasting coverage when required. We can truly say we offer the absolute best in quality and performance for any products of this type and are very proud to say that.

Latest news

Applying a Personal Touch to Your Horse and Accompanying Gear

The connection you have with your equestrian companion is just about the most personal link you can have with any living thing. The passion that horses inspire creates a link with people not many other people create with an animal.  Sabella can help you really make you and your horse stand out while having fun as well!


The Glitter Movement

With this new explosion of glitter onto the Equestrian scene its interesting to see the outcomes on different diciplines in the Equestrian industry.