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The Glitter Movement

With this new explosion of glitter onto the Equestrian scene its interesting to see the outcomes on different diciplines in the Equestrian industry.

With this new explosion of glitter onto the Equestrian scene its interesting to see the outcomes on different diciplines in the Equestrian industry.

What is the glitter movement? That is the question!

Well its the trend that we are seeing of people wanting more and more bling items. Especially in the equestrian world. We have seen bling on hats, riding boots, brow bands and now even saddles. I have to say this movement is fantastic to see and watch grow. It has also put pressure on a number of disciplines on how to handle this explosion of bling and what should be allowed and done about it in the rules.  

I know many opinions are divided and some say it should not be allowed at all, some say a little is ok but most say they want to be able to do more. Especially in the Dressage and Show Jumping disciplines. The availability of more and more bling products shows the demand is growing in the market and people over all are loving it. As most diciplines are so tightly regulated its been a real case of the riders demanding what they want and what people want to see in the ring. Also what do spectators want to see on their favorite riders? Should we take a feather out of westerns hat and just wear as much as you like in the way of bling and colour? Would this be so bad? If they opened up the rules would the riders at top level Dressage say stray off into the territory of pink riding coats or bath themselves in glitter before entering the show ring? Probably not.

The world is changing and so are the views of the riders as well as the spectators. People love bling. They want to see it and they want to wear it. Things are changing and so is the sport despite the horrified looks on some people face at the slightest mention of bling within a 5 mile radius of their horse.

There is so much selection out there now for riders to choose from. I mean you can even buy bling bits! And I bet most of you are secretly wondering where you can buy this bit. Because lets be serious its amazing and I want it! I mean really how far away are bling horse shoes? And lets be honest who would buy them? LOTS of people!

This movement has even gone into the fashion world with bling jeans now a hugely popular product in the equestrian industry. We imported some diamante jeans a while ago and we sold them very quickly and the feedback was huge. So much so we are now working on our own range of bling jeans to be launched in the next month or so. (Keep your eyes peeled for us at New Zealand Horse of The Year 2015 in our usual spot. We will be down there in full swing with a whole new range of jeans and of course all of our glitter products.)

We are very happy to be a part of this movement with our products and to help people get more creative with glitter/bling products by offering more flexability with products then with just one piece of gear. We offer products that can really allow you to expand and own your own style and sparkle. By offering products that will stick on your browband or noseband for example and stick well but will be easily removed you can add sparkle to just about anything you want but change it up when ever you like. Don't take my word for it. Just try the products out for yourself!

Its been an amazing journey watching people use our products in ways we could never have dreamed of! - One person came up with the great idea of putting some of our Sabella Glitter Gel in a bucket of water and using a spong, apply it to the horse to go in the show area for inhand classes and it worked so well!

We believe strongly in this movement and are very excited to see it progress further in the equestrian industry and to facilitate people who like to dream big and shine either in the ring or just to reflect who they are.

Eitherway we are here to support it!

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